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Franchise Opportunity


Own a Falbo Bros Pizzeria 



Why Falbo Bros?


Falbo Bros brings a different perspective to the pizza franchising industry. First of all our pizza is unique, as are our concepts. Our main focus will always be quality. We cannot emphasize this enough. Each of our current locations emphasize quality first. Falbo Bros' goal is to expand nationwide. It is an exciting time to get in the ground floor of a unique business concept.


Don't I have to be rich to own my own franchise?
Maybe if you want to own a Dominos or Pizza Hut but not with us. The originators of Falbo Bros. were 22 year old college students. All of our current franchisees started when they were in their early 20's. Falbo Bros is looking for talent, not wealth.
What are the qualifications?
You must be able to raise the starting capital (typically between $40K-$200K).
You must have a positive, "can do, will succeed" attitude
You must undergo Franchisee training at a Falbo Bros location. This usually takes 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the intensity.
Partnerships or outside investors are allowed.
What are the franchise fees?
Because we are currently a smaller operation (when compared to a Papa John's) we do not have a large franchise fee. Our franchise fee is based on the actual costs incurred by Falbo Bros. Pizzeria Inc. to help you get started. Right now with legal fees, travel, etc. the cost is $10K-$15K.
What are the startup costs?
Between $40,000-$200,000 depending mostly on the build out costs. Costs run more when you have to build out a pizzeria from a space that starts empty. If you are fortunate enough to find a space that has already been built out for food service, costs are drastically decreased. Most of the initial cost incurred involves venting, electrical, and other general contracting work. For example a typical ventilation system runs around $15,000. if you can find one that is already put in then you can save that.
What is the royalty fee?
3%, but not initially. We want you to succeed and we know that in the beginning costs are higher and sales are lower so the fee gradually increases over the first 12 months, topping out at 3%. This fee is the lowest in the business. Unlike most franchises we do not have national advertising fund contribution (wouldn't make sense given our current size).
Where are locations available?
In all 50 states.
Do I have to work in my store?
It is not required as many franchisors may wish to own multiple stores. But a word to the wise, make your presence felt. We strongly recommend working in the store which you own. After all, it is your money passing through the business.
How much am I going to make?
The amount of profit or loss is dependent on a number of factors, including the ability of the franchisee to manage the business, drive sales volume and control operating costs. We provide the ground work and product that has been proven successful, the rest is up to you.
Does Falbo Bros help me with site selection? Equipment? Build out?
Absolutely. We will be there every step of the way to get your pizzeria started. We will help with site selection, equipment, staff training, suppliers, licenses, permits, and store design.
Does Falbo Bros. provide ongoing support?
We are always here to help. Most franchisees are very good business people who take pride in accomplishing things on their own. However we have the experience to make sure your operation runs smoothly and if there are ever any questions to be answered feel free to ask. We will not dictate how you run your day to day operating but will provide certain guidelines to follow.
Why is every Falbo Bros. a little different?
Eventually we want every person in the US to say they have had a Falbo Bros. pizza. However our goal is to have each store be a unique. Quality and pizza style will remain consistent at each location but we encourage franchisees to be creative with their menu and add additional local flavor in addition to our standard fare. Yes we want to be a large franchise but we don't want to lose the concept of our unique style that made us popular.
Does Falbo Bros provide financing?
Currently we do not. We will offer suggestions but you will have to bring your own money to the table.
Do I need experience?
While restaurant experience is nice, training and support is provided. Therefore no restaurant or pizzeria experience is necessary, just a positive attitude and willingness to learn and succeed.
How do I get started?
Please contact us. Serious inquiries only.
Some final thoughts.
Partnerships usually work better than single operators. It always helps to have the resources of two people compared to one.
This is great opportunity for young entrepreneurs who are looking to own their own business but may not have the financial resources required for a traditional franchise.
This really is getting in on the ground floor. As we grow, royalty fees and franchise fees will most certainly rise. You will be locked in at your original rate.

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